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Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students

Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students


In today’s digital age, podcasts have emerged as an indispensable resource for college students seeking to explore fascinating topics and gain insights from experts in various fields. By tuning in to qualified professionals of the highest caliber, students can acquire knowledge that extends beyond what can be found in traditional textbooks. Moreover, podcasts offer a delightful blend of entertainment and intellectual stimulation, making them one of the top choices for students looking to engage their minds while enjoying their downtime.

So, grab your earbuds and immerse yourself in the best podcasts for students as you commute to class, hit the gym, or tackle your laundry. Whether you’re a podcasting enthusiast eager to dive into new content or a newcomer seeking to embark on an enriching audio journey, this article is tailored to cater to your needs. Prepare to discover an exceptional selection of podcasts that will captivate, inform, and entertain you throughout the upcoming year.

Podcast Streaming Sites for Students

While embarking on your podcasting journey, it’s essential to find the right podcast streaming platform that aligns with your preferences and ensures a seamless listening experience. These platforms serve as hubs for podcast distribution, offering storage and easy access to newly published episodes. While hosting your podcasts on your own website is an option, it can be more laborious to set up. To simplify your podcast listening experience, we present the top 5 free podcast streaming platforms for 2023, carefully chosen to provide you with the best options for discovering, streaming, and enjoying podcasts effortlessly.

1.     Anchor

Anchor’s extensive set of features and functions make it one of the best podcasting platforms available. Despite being a free platform, Anchor doesn’t compromise on usability. Its user-friendly interface caters to beginners, providing a seamless experience whether you’re accessing it on your mobile device or desktop computer. Furthermore, Anchor’s integration with Riverside allows you to enhance your listening experience by watching accompanying visuals for your favorite podcasts. With Anchor, you have access to a comprehensive podcasting experience without having to spend a dime.

2.     Google Podcasts

When it comes to podcast apps, Google Podcasts is a noteworthy choice. This app simplifies the process of subscribing to and listening to podcasts without requiring a subscription fee. It even leverages intelligent recommendations based on the content you follow, ensuring you never run out of interesting podcasts to explore. However, Google Podcasts falls short in terms of browsing and categorizing episodes. Unlike some other platforms, it lacks the ability to organize episodes by seasons, and its built-in search functionality can sometimes produce unreliable results. Despite these limitations, Google Podcasts remains a convenient option for those who prefer a straightforward listening experience.

3.     Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts, on the other hand, offers a plethora of functionality while remaining user-friendly and intuitive. And the best part? It’s completely free. With Pocket Casts, you’ll find the process of locating your desired podcasts straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can effortlessly scroll through suggestions, subscribe to your favorite shows, and listen instantly. The platform also offers the flexibility to download episodes manually or automatically by season, allowing you to enjoy your podcasts offline at your convenience. Moreover, Pocket Casts includes all the necessary features for an optimal listening experience, such as speed controls, quiet cutting, a volume booster, and even a sleep timer. For those seeking additional perks, a Plus subscription is available for around $1 per month, offering benefits like 10GB of cloud storage, more themes, access to a web player, and desktop programs.

4.     PodBean

When it comes to podcast apps, PodBean stands out as one of the best options available. It not only offers features that are comparable to its competitors but also has unique qualities that set it apart. One standout feature is its intelligent playback speed, which allows you to adjust the speed instantly based on the content you’re listening to. This feature is particularly beneficial if you listen to podcasts from multiple hosts who speak at different rates. With PodBean, you don’t have to manually adjust the playback speed for every episode.

Another notable feature of PodBean is the option to participate in live podcast conversations. This means you can engage in discussions and interact with podcast hosts and other listeners in real-time, rather than simply listening to pre-recorded and edited episodes. This interactive element adds a new dimension to the podcasting experience.

In addition to these features, PodBean also provides a range of other capabilities. You can explore recommendations curated by the platform, access premium content, and even create your own podcast using the PodBean app. With its comprehensive set of features and user-friendly interface, PodBean offers a top-notch podcasting experience for users.

5.     Spotify

If you’re already using Spotify for music, you might find it convenient to have everything in one place. Spotify offers a seamless transition between music and podcasts, allowing you to access both forms of content within the same app. However, it’s important to note that Spotify’s podcasting functions are somewhat limited compared to dedicated podcast apps.

While Spotify does not offer intelligent recommendations for podcasts, its curated music collection remains a popular feature. The challenge arises when it comes to organizing podcasts and finding specific episodes. Spotify’s lack of episode clustering by season can make it more difficult to navigate through a podcast series.

Despite these limitations, Spotify provides a convenient option for users who prefer having all their music and podcasts in one place. If you’re looking for a simple and basic podcasting experience without the need for extensive features or advanced library organization, Spotify can be a suitable choice.

Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students

The best Educational Podcasts for Students

Educational podcasts have become an invaluable resource for students seeking to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills. These audio tracks, easily accessible through podcast apps, offer a convenient way to learn and gain insights while going about daily activities. In this blog post, we will explore the top educational podcasts across various subjects and interests. Whether you’re interested in medicine, finance, history, or any other field, these podcasts will enrich your educational journey.

       i.            How I Built This

“How I Built This” is a must-listen educational podcast hosted by Guy Raz. In each episode, Guy speaks with successful businesspeople who share their experiences, struggles, failures, and lessons learned in building their companies. This podcast offers a master class in innovation, creativity, leadership, and overcoming obstacles. It is highly regarded as one of the best educational leadership podcasts, providing inspiration and valuable insights for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

     ii.            Ted Talks Daily

Featuring some of the brightest thinkers and scientists of our time, “Ted Talks Daily” is an exceptional educational podcast. Hosted by Elise Hu, this podcast covers a wide range of topics, including economics, technology, zoology, and artificial intelligence. While not specifically dedicated to finance, it stands out as a thought-provoking podcast that offers valuable ideas and perspectives. Each episode is an opportunity for students to engage with important issues and expand their knowledge.

  iii.            StarTalk

StarTalk, hosted by the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, is a captivating radio program that combines celebrity interviews, discussions on cutting-edge scientific topics, and entertaining content. With episodes like “Past, Present, Future: Time with Brian Greene,” “Cosmic Queries,” “Thing You Thought You Knew,” and “Slippery Science,” StarTalk offers a diverse range of engaging episodes. It has rightfully earned its place as one of the best educational podcasts on Spotify.

Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students

   iv.            Radiolab

Radiolab is a highly recommended podcast for medical students and anyone interested in legal, medical, and scientific subjects. Co-hosted by Latif Nasser and Lulu Miller, Radiolab delves into intriguing topics and explores fascinating stories. Recent episodes such as “Games,” which examines the elements of a good game, “Cosmos in Verse,” which uses poets to explore the history of the cosmos, and “New Normal,” which analyzes the concept of normality, showcase the podcast’s thought-provoking content.

     v.            TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour, a collaboration between NPR and TED, is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi. This podcast combines thought-provoking TED Talks with exclusive conversations with prominent thinkers. It tackles difficult questions and explores complex themes, making it one of the top educational podcasts for adults. Topics covered are wide-ranging, including discussions on maintaining humanity in the digital age, the origins of creativity, and the key to a longer life.

   vi.            The Royal College of Physicians Medicine Podcast

The Royal College of Physicians Medicine Podcast, hosted by Dr. Amie Burbridge, comes highly recommended for individuals in medical school or those interested in the healthcare industry. This podcast is particularly beneficial for medical students as it covers topics that align with college exams, providing valuable insights and knowledge.

vii.            2Docs Talks

For the latest information in the healthcare sector, 2Docs Talks is a must-listen podcast. Hosted by medical sector specialists Kendall Britt and Amy Rodgers, this podcast delivers excellent perspectives on issues within the US healthcare system. Keeping students informed about medical advancements and new industry policies, 2Docs Talks deserves recognition as one of the top medical podcasts for students.

viii.            The Naked Scientists

Founded by Christy Smith in 2001, The Naked Scientists is a scientific podcast aimed at engaging the general public with research, technology, and medicine. Supported by reputable organizations such as the BBC, ABC (Australia), Primedia (South Africa), Talk Radio Europe, and Radio New Zealand, this podcast has garnered numerous accolades, including the 2008 Kohn Medal from the Royal Society. It is also recognized by the Science Council as one of the top 100 UK practicing scientists, further cementing its status as an authoritative and trustworthy source.

   ix.            ArtCurious Podcast

If you have a penchant for art and love delving into its complexities and intriguing tales, the ArtCurious Podcast is a captivating choice. This podcast takes listeners on a historical journey, exploring thought-provoking questions such as the authenticity of the Mona Lisa, the true nature of Van Gogh’s death, and the reasons behind the immense fame of the Impressionists. With insightful guests and passionate hosts, ArtCurious Podcast offers a unique blend of art, history, and storytelling.

     x.            99 Invisible

99 Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars, is a captivating podcast that explores the unseen forces that shape and impact human behavior. With nearly 400 episodes, including titles like The Divided Dial, Cougar Town, Super Citizens, The Safety Bicycle, Walk of Fame, and Wickedest Sound, 99 Invisible delves into intriguing topics that often go unnoticed. What started as a four-minute radio commercial has blossomed into a widely acclaimed podcast with a global listenership, making it one of the most recognized podcasts for students and enthusiasts alike

Final Thoughts

Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students

In conclusion, educational podcasts have become a valuable resource for students seeking to expand their knowledge, gain fresh insights, and stay engaged with various subjects. These audio tracks, available on podcast platforms and apps, offer a convenient way to learn on the go, integrating seamlessly into students’ daily routines.

With a wide range of educational podcasts to choose from, students can explore specific fields of study, delve into areas of personal interest, and enhance their overall learning experience. Whether it’s medicine, finance, history, politics, or any other discipline, there are podcasts available to cater to diverse academic and intellectual pursuits.

Among the top educational podcasts for students, there are notable recommendations that deserve special attention. “How I Built This” stands out as a master class in innovation, creativity, leadership, and overcoming obstacles by featuring interviews with successful business founders. “Ted Talks Daily” offers thought-provoking ideas and discussions on various topics, going beyond finance to cover subjects like economics, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Additionally, “StarTalk” hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson provides an engaging mix of celebrity interviews, cutting-edge scientific topics, and entertaining content. “Radiolab” presents a wide range of subjects, including legal, medical, and scientific themes, making it a recommended podcast for medical students. “TED Radio Hour,” a collaboration between NPR and TED, explores complex themes through a collection of TED Talks and exclusive conversations with prominent thinkers, making it a top choice for adults seeking educational content.

Moreover, the Royal College of Physicians Medicine Podcast caters specifically to medical students, covering topics relevant to their studies and college exams. “2Docs Talks” offers valuable insights into the healthcare sector, keeping students informed about medical developments and industry policies. “The Naked Scientists” fosters public engagement in research, technology, and medicine, making science accessible and intriguing for a global audience. Lastly, the “ArtCurious Podcast” takes listeners on a historical journey, unraveling the mysteries and complexities of art.

Podcasts not only provide valuable educational content but also serve as a form of entertainment for students seeking a break from their academic endeavors. They offer a flexible and accessible platform for learning, allowing students to tune in at their convenience and explore topics of interest.

In the fast-paced world of today, where time is often limited, podcasts offer a unique opportunity to learn and stay engaged with various subjects while on the go. Whether commuting, exercising, or simply taking a break, students can make productive use of their time by listening to podcasts that align with their educational and personal interests.

So, whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, gain fresh insights, or simply enjoy entertaining and thought-provoking content, educational podcasts are a valuable resource worth exploring. With a vast array of podcasts available across different platforms, there is something for every student and every area of interest.

Incorporating podcasts into your learning journey can enhance your educational experience, spark curiosity, and provide a valuable supplement to traditional learning methods. So, grab your headphones, subscribe to your favorite podcasts, and embark on a journey of learning, entertainment, and personal growth. Happy listening!

Frequently Asked Questions on Educational Podcasts for Students

Best Podcasts to Binge Listen in 2023 for College Students

Q: What are educational podcasts?

A: Educational podcasts are audio tracks of conversations between hosts and guest speakers that focus on specific topics to enlighten the audience with knowledge or impart new skills. These podcasts are designed to be easily accessible and can be played on computers, phones, or digital audio players.

Q: Why should students listen to educational podcasts?

A: Educational podcasts offer a convenient way for students to learn new ideas, acquire fresh information, and expand their knowledge while engaging in their daily activities. They provide an opportunity to explore specific subjects, delve into areas of interest, and enhance the overall learning experience.

Q: What topics do educational podcasts cover?

A: Educational podcasts cover a wide range of subjects and disciplines, including but not limited to medicine, finance, history, politics, technology, art, and science. There are podcasts available for various academic and intellectual pursuits.

Q: Can you recommend some popular educational podcasts for students?

A: Certainly! Here are some highly recommended educational podcasts for students:

  1. “How I Built This” – Hosted by Guy Raz, it features interviews with successful business founders, offering insights into innovation, creativity, leadership, and overcoming obstacles.
  2. “Ted Talks Daily” – Features thought-provoking ideas and discussions on diverse topics, including economics, technology, and artificial intelligence.
  3. “StarTalk” – Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, it combines celebrity interviews, scientific topics, and entertaining content.
  4. “Radiolab” – Explores legal, medical, and scientific subjects, making it suitable for medical students and those interested in various fields.
  5. “TED Radio Hour” – A collaboration between NPR and TED, it offers in-depth conversations and TED Talks on complex themes, making it ideal for adult learners.

Q: Are there educational podcasts specifically for medical students?

A: Yes, there are educational podcasts tailored for medical students. For example, “The Royal College of Physicians Medicine Podcast” covers topics that align with college exams, while “2Docs Talks” provides insights into the healthcare sector, keeping students informed about medical developments and industry policies.

Q: How can students incorporate educational podcasts into their routine?

A: Students can listen to podcasts during their commute, exercise sessions, or while taking breaks. Podcasts offer a flexible and accessible platform for learning, allowing students to make productive use of their time and explore topics of interest.

Q: Are educational podcasts only for learning purposes?

A: While educational podcasts primarily serve as a source of learning, they also offer entertainment value. They can be a refreshing break from traditional learning methods and provide engaging content that sparks curiosity and intellectual growth.

Q: Where can students find educational podcasts?

A: Educational podcasts are available on various podcast platforms and apps, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many more. Students can search for specific podcasts or explore curated lists and recommendations within these platforms.

Q: Are educational podcasts free?

A: Many educational podcasts are available for free, allowing students to access valuable content without any cost. However, some podcasts may offer premium or ad-free versions for a fee.

Q: Can students interact or engage with educational podcasts?

A: While interaction may vary depending on the podcast, some podcasts offer opportunities for listeners to engage through live events, social media platforms, or dedicated online communities. Students can participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Q: How can students get started with educational podcasts?

A: To get started, students can research and explore different podcast platforms or apps, browse through popular educational podcasts, read reviews and recommendations, and select podcasts that align with their interests and learning goals. They can subscribe to their chosen podcasts and begin their listening journey.

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